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Moderne danseres

As the name of the club suggests, my name is Angelo.

I have been active in the dance world since I was 10 years old.
It started with Country dance for fun in 1996.
But soon the competitions came on my way.
In 1998 I became Belgian champion for the first time and I was able to keep the title in 1999 as well.
After these 2 years, the competitions were put aside for a while, but the dancing continued.
In 2006 I decided to take up the thread again from the competitions and I started training very intensely with the very best teachers and choreographers.
And with success!
In 2007 I entered again for national and international competitions and by the end of the season I was the proud owner of the trophy WORLD CHAMPION among the newcomers.
Also in 2008 several positive results were achieved in the competition world.
After these 2 intense years of competitions and some injuries later I decided to leave the competitions behind and transfer the joy of dancing to others.

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